Supporting companies in the digital transformation process.


Startup enthusiast, business development executive with over 25 years of experience in developing and managing sales and marketing teams in corporate environments. Recognized for discovering new and innovative solutions to assist customers in fulfilling their company goals, through a mix of media, cutting edge technologies and development of lasting and orchestrated marketing actions.  

Reinventing company positioning in diverse fields through business innovation and digital strategy.



ONDA TLC Gmbh  -
Innovation an d Business Development
Since 2020

ONDA is a company based in Klagenfurt (Austria) developing technology products.  Started with feature phones it has rapidly expanded to data products and is presently active on the development of 5G networks  

Here is a link to the latest product roadmap



Hurry Italia  - Popmove

Marketing and Innovation
Since 2015

Supporting the growth of an Internet startup active in the space of advanced mobility, online car sales, as head of Marketing and Innovation.

During this period I developed an innovation spin based on the insight that customer cars are parked 90% of the time. Popmove, a new venture, was started in June 2019 enabling a new kind of sharing customers share there unused car/time in exchange for discounts on their Long term rent fees. 
Launched the first "Ready to share" consumer product Popgo

LOGO 120x120-popmove.jpg








MENTOR - Luiss Enlabs - StartupBootCamp Foodtech
Since 2014

Advisor to the leading Italian startup accelerator based in Rome.


Part of the applications review process, during during the Selection Day, that becomes the first step for startups for consideration and investment recommendation.

Helping other later stage companies in Business Development and international market rollout

Greater Fool Media, Investor - co-founder 
Multichannel Network
Since 2012

Greater Fool Media was founded in 2012 to offer, for the first time in Italy, fresh and efficient business solutions to the widest possible range of players engaged in the emerging multiscreen video ecosystem.

Offices in Rome, Milan, Brighton and Los Angeles.

With 400+ Youtube channels and close to 6 billion yearly views Greater Fool Media is the independent market leader in this space. Enabling monetization on all platforms for it creators through the sale its pre-roll inventory not only on Youtube but also on Facebook Instagram and Tiktok.
Media buyers can interact directly with creators buying premium targeted inventory.
With a total number of followers across platforms exceeding 50 million the company connects brands to influencers.


Chief Innovation Officer, Brand Portal, part of Flumen Communications Company.

2011 - 2014
International Ideas Factory leveraging on new media as part of an integrated strategy.
Bringing innovation to customers through an orchestrated approach of tecnology and communication to promote new initiatives in the communications sector, especially at an international level.

Flumen controled the networks Brand Portal and THEname Group.

Managed ENI, ENEL, Telecom Italia, Olivetti, Gruppo LGH, Rottapharm, Finmeccanica, e-Geos, RAI accounts.

Partner / Chairman - Mashfrog SpA

September 2010 until August 2011

Web agency active in consulting for companies that aim to implement the new social and web 2.0 paradigms to better their communication with stakeholders.

co-Founder Vetrya SpA

July 2010 - October 2011

Founded an OTT company that began developing Connected TV apps for Samsung TV's and media companies. Vetrya launched its own service in May 2011 PrimoItalia, the biggest italian internet tv distributed in multi-channel on connected tv’s, pc’s, blu ray players, smartphones and tablets.
PrimoItalia offers access to a rich library of video content and services, provided in live and on demand.
Company completed a successful IPO July 2016

Key Account Telecom Italia and Media Engineering SpA

From January 2009 until July 2010

Headed up the Media Sales division targeting Italian media companies a relatively new market for Engineering.
Also managed one of the most significant size account, the Telecom Italia Group.
Expertise spans from System Integration and complex projects in OSS, BSS to Value added services on new media platforms.

VP Sales then CEO - Xaltia

From 2001 until 2009

Xaltia was the italian leader in the mobile application and content development. Supported the launch of Mobile TV in Italy with TIM as first in the world over 2.5G networks, the service evolved in the 3G space.
Other applications included: Push to Talk, Video on demand, Streaming and mobile community managment.
It ran a data center that connected most of the content aggregators to the Telecom Italia network for OSS and BSS services. It also interconnected to all the Italan operators.
The company dealt in Italy and Brasil


The company grew to 100 emplyees and was successfully sold to Engineering Ingegneria Informatica in 2008

Marketing Director  Rai Net SpA

From May 2000


The Internet arm of the state broadcaster, were the digital extension of traditional programming was first experimented.

And lots more ..

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