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Here are some of the new ventures I am involved in 

Its great to be able to support some of these great companies I find along the way, putting some of the experience back into establishing the product market fit and the correct next steps.

Always looking to expand my horizons with new ideas and ventures.

I have been involved with: LUISS ENLABS, Fantastartup, Startup Bootcamp, Startup Weekends, FB Hacknight Rome, BNL International Hackaton 2015

Greater Fool Media
LOGO 120x120-popmove.jpg
L'auto pe te solo quando ti serve

Launched in 2012 to offer, for the first time in Italy, fresh and efficient business solutions to the widest possible range of players engaged in the emerging Italian multiscreen video ecosystem.

Greater Fool Media services are employed by a rapidly growing network of high-profile local talent including YouTube stars, TV celebrities, “pure digital” filmmakers and boutique studios. 

With over 50 channels dedicated to Kids (2-11yrs) it is positioned as the largest player in this space.

Sales team market the pre-roll inventory of the entire network to advertising media agencies brands and buyers.


Greater Fool Media has a strategic partnership with FilmisNow one of the world's most popular vertical Cinema information channels.

Today on youtube more than 18 millions subscribers, 400 Channels and over 2.2 billion views in 2018. Facebook - Instagram and TikTok total more than 15 million followers.


Greater Fool has started to produce Italy's top talents audiobooks that can be found on Audible and iTunes.


Welcome to the Swap Mobility - the car you need only when you need it.


24th of June 2019 - Popmove launches the new P2P sharing service. Rome is the first target city in which Popmove partnering with ALD Automotive rolls out this new mobility service.

Popmovers are able to share their long rent car when they are not using it, drivers find all kinds of vehicles in the Popmove app. 

Doochoo inc - Pick1



Pick1: Know Your Customers

Individual Opinions meet Real-time Targeted Marketing

Pick1 merges an individual's opinions with their entire social media presence, enabling brands to efficiently know, understand, and successfully target their customers.

Based on questions insights actions, engaging in a multi-channel context, collecting multi-dimensional social opinions.

Pick1 dynamically aggregates/clusters the collected information to deliver actionable data, to retarget audience and improve ROI.

Part of the 500Startup family.
Sold to EventSI in 2016.

The modular backend platform for web developers

Create web applications without writing tons of backend code.

The process is simple, fast and affordable:
1. Configure the business logic in minutes;
2. Customize UX and look and feel with full control on HTML, JS and CSS;
3. One click to deploy;
4. Admin the app thanks to an automatically generated backend that gives superpowers on everything it is needed.

Someone says we are IFTTT for Web Apps.
Part of the 500Startup family.

1° eCommerce mobility & sports

Hurry! is the first digital platform to offer, with an original ecommerce model, automotive, sport, and “active lifestyle” products and services.


•It promotes Long Term Car Hire (LTCH) offers to the private/consumer market based on the exclusivity agreement with ALD (Sociètè Gènèrale Group)

•Most importantly, Hurry! promotes via an exclusivity agreement with ALD, the “RicariCAR” offers, effectively launching the first ever real ‘Pay Per Use” automotive service

•Hurry! also promotes a highly selected fleet of  ALD “second hand cars”, with discounts up to 25% lower than quotes provided by Quattroruote (Leading Benchmark Italian Car Magazine).

•Finally, to confirm its consumer vocation, Hurry! is particularly active in the proposition of “flash sales” deals that are coherent with its market positioning in the automotive, sport, and active lifestyle segments.​

The telephone revolution

Voverc is the cloud-based business phone system built for entrepreneurs.

With apps for iOS and Android, your landline phone number works across all of your devices so you can take your business number with you wherever you go.

​Companies can set up their fixed phone number and cloud pbx in less than one minute.

Voverc is a Software as a Service solution for Freelancers, Small and medium Businesses.
Part of the Enlabs acceleration program

A website for the promotion of Doctors.

Professionals are clustered in practises and made searchable.

Rapidly expanding throughout Italy. Doctors are added via a specialized call center. 

Patients can easily book their appointment and be sure that the doctor has the necessary skills and qualifications.

Great mobile app for smart doctors to manage their appointments.

Freminum model. recently joined forces with adding a new team and even more doctors to the platform.

loop ai Labs

Loop AI Labs is a startup that leverages AI algorithms to optimize everyday life for corporations in any field of buisiness 


Loop.AI combines techniques in deep learning and classical symbolic reasoning to create a next generation machine intelligence that continually learns about people and things in the world, acquiring concepts from experience like a person would.

Loop's advanced artificial intelligence technology can be easily accessed in an API that enables developers to build the next generation of personalized apps and services without needing data science or AI experience. Loop.AI is setting the stage for rapid creation of hyper-personalized applications.

The Football Social Network

Toalk is the Football Social Network, the company has secured direct deals with many Serie A teams that are already on board and promoting the platform.


Launched October 2015 it has today secured deals with AS Roma, Bologna FC, Empoli, Carpi and Perugia, many more teams are coming.


Users are able to follow their team mates and enjoy a highly engaging platform constantly pushing the boundaries of online communities, leveraging the strenght of the football passion.


Enjoy your Lockscreen

Slokka is an application that helps users discover engaging content right from their lockscreen.


The app creates a new mobile real estate for brands and advertisers giving the user a rich media experience.

Users can choose favourite content from a list of curated RSS feeds or even suggest new ones to add to the list.


App launched in Beta in Feb 2016 and is live since April 2016.

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